Remember that ibogaine is but one tool that should be implemented to ensure long-term change in your life. It is important to set up empowering patterns, with an overall healthy lifestyle in order to lock in any lessons you’re offered by ibogaine.

It’s been said that using ibogaine is like stepping through a door-way back to a more innocent state, but once through, there’s a vacuum that’s trying to suck you back into your old ways. Rather than stepping through that door then, we suggest you run! Have a plan for the healthy new habits you’re going to implement. Maybe you go from IPOC to a quiet vacation, or a longer term recovery house.

If you’re trying to beat an addiction, what can you do to keep yourself focused on sobriety on a daily basis once you leave? Maybe you go to 12 Step or SMART Recovery meetings, or attend them online. Do you have a sponsor? Should you get one? You’d be wrong thinking ibogaine is going to automatically solve all your problems. It seems sometimes that iboga will meet you half-way, so the more work you do and are prepared to do, the better. Recovery comes to those who chase it.

Liberty Root will help you go over your plan, and help keep you accountable longer term, but it’s important you come into the session having put some thought into your aftercare plans.

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