Awareness and Intention

Ibogaine is a powerful plant medicine that has the potential to facilitate massive physical, mental, and spiritual transformation. While it’s a great tool for addicts, it’s ability to induce unique psychoactive states lends itself to catalyzing any persons consciousness towards profound life changes.

Ibogaine can open you to a mental playing field that while transitory is very tangible and seems profoundly real. It is possible to better prepare yourself for this by bringing conscious awareness into your life as you lead up to the experience. Awareness of awareness. Completing the Iboga Application is especially important for addicts, and every question should be thoughtfully considered. Take time to center yourself through meditation. Get still and repeat the words ‘I Am’ to yourself a few times a day while taking a series of deep, thoughtful, breaths. Try and feel the peace the idea of healing can bring you. Get used to the idea of having taken iboga. Say to yourself, ‘I’ve just taken ibogaine.’ without any feeling of fear.

Try and balance your life as much as possible in the weeks leading up to the experience. If you’re an addict, iboga is not something you go into having had one ‘last-party’, you need to bring as much control to your addiction as you’ve ever done. This goes for people seeking psycho-spiritual healing as well. If you’ve got ‘issues’, maybe they’re the reason you’re taking iboga, don’t let those ‘issues’ run haywire prior to your session, do what you can to bring mindful-right-action to all circles of your life.

Manage your expectations by remembering that ibogaine is only a tool. It can be very effective at healing (as in significantly reducing withdrawal symptoms) and opening you to awareness of the deeper work needed in the long term, but it does not ‘cure’ anybody by solving all their problems for them. If you’re lucky the medicine will show you where you need to improve your life, but then it’s up to you to live those lessons. Be courageous in your honestly with yourself in the weeks leading to the experience. Look deeply into into what’s needed in your life, how would your life look if you tamed your appetites and focused on healthy living? Dedicate time to thinking about your deepest needs on all levels, and be compassionate with yourself through this time of discovery. It’s only through compassion and forgiveness to yourself and others that you’ll be able to let go of those energies that are keeping you down. Take time to think about what lessons you think you need to learn, ask ibogaine to guide you towards your own highest and best good, and be ready to make the changes it’ll take for success.

The week before therapy:

Please note: The impact of ibogaine on unborn children is unknown. If you are or may be pregnant, do not take ibogaine.

Drink lots of water. At least a couple of liters a day.

Take a high-potency multi-vitamin and mineral complex daily plus 500 mgs of magnesium daily to help balance electrolytes, smooth muscle tissue and protect your heart.

Eat well-balanced, simple, nutritious meals.

Avoid all processed foods.

Eat less meat. Only a small portion of lean meat or fish a day if you must.

Cut out sugar as much as is possible.

Avoid caffeine. If you’re caffeine dependent, cut it out as much as possible.

Don’t eat or drink grapefruit, quinine (tonic water), or bergamot (Earl Grey tea).

Drink more water.

Drink electrolytes: In the days leading up to your trip, drink at least a couple of cans of coconut water a day. If you hate coconut water, try it anyway, and/or drink Gatorade, emergen’c formula, or other isotonic drinks to restore and balance electrolytes. Remember to watch for high sugar content in these drinks.


You must not consume any antidepressants, antipsychotics, or any other psychoactive street drugs such as MDMA or LSD for at least 2 weeks before your ibogaine therapy.

If you are taking any prescription or over-the-counter medication it’s imperative that you let us know as many interact with ibogaine and may need to be tapered down and eliminated from your system prior to the treatment.

Any decision regarding the discontinuation of medications must occur with a physician’s consultation. There are going to be instances where the elimination of contraindicated medications is not possible, and therefore ibogaine is not a valid option for treatment.

Please advise of any herbal, or natural supplements, vitamins or any other medicines you’re participating in.


We will not treat anyone with the following conditions:

– Active infections including ulcers, pneumonia, or skin abscesses
– Chronic fainting
– Uncontrolled diabetes
– History of blood clots or coagulation abnormalities
– Emphysema
– Epilepsy
– Cancer
– Crohn’s Disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome
– Gastric ulcer
– Cerebella dysfunction
– Pregnancy
– Stroke
– Un-medicated high blood pressure
– Kidney disease
– Heart disease, heart murmurs, or heart arrhythmias
– Liver disease, including hepatitis with liver enzymes over four times normal
– Obesity
– Serious psychiatric disorders

Substance Using Clients:

If any of the following are not currently possible for you, ibogaine is not the right treatment for you as it stands.

Do not consume alcohol for at least 14 days prior to your ibogaine therapy.

Do not consume cocaine, amphetamines (Crystal meth/Speed), methylphenidate (Ritalin), dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine), MDA, or MDMA (Ecstasy) for at least 2 weeks before your ibogaine therapy.

Do not binge before your therapy as this could make the detox more painful for you as well as more dangerous. It’s very important to enter into your therapy in a calm manner.

People who are opiate dependent:

If you are taking methadone or any other long acting opiate, you should switch to a short acting opiate for at least three weeks prior to an effective treatment. Long-acting opiates are made to be sticky and if you don’t give yourself a big enough break from them the treatment has less chance of long-term success. If you’re willing to put yourself through the challenge of an ibogaine detox, you want to be sure it works.

In addition to avoiding long-acting opiates, reducing your tolerance by slowly and safely tapering down your useage will allow for a more comfortable and successful detoxification.

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