“I had been an opiate addict for 18 years. I tried quitting through conventional detox, going to meetings, moving to other cities, Rapid Opiate Detox surgery, cold turkey and of course the Methadone program. I was never clean for more than a year all the while fearing the moment I ran into someone with dope because I knew I would use again. The last two years of my life my drug use spiralled out of control and this is while on Methadone. My life was in shambles and on verge of divorce. I had heard about Ibogaine before but never really considered it thinking it was too far out for me. With my life completely about to implode I decided “conventional” methods of recovery had not worked for me so I would look into this, in my mind, “unconventional” Ibogaine treatment. I did my research and really liked what I read. In all honesty I was a little skeptical Ibogaine would work but I went into it with an open mind and it has changed my life. The Ibogaine has, I feel, fixed me mentally and provided clarity equipping me with coping tools making even the toughest days a walk in the park compared to the dark days of hardcore drug use. These days I have the mental strength to know I will not use again and am not worried about running across drugs because I know I am not gonna touch them. The staff at Liberty Root treat each client as an individual not trying to apply the same cookie cutter principles to everybody. The treatment itself is pretty much physically pain free but a little tough emotionally which was exactly what I needed. Liberty Root is the best investment you can make on yourself.”

‘Paul B’, Addiction Therapy
“For anyone out there with an opiate addiction or dependency issue… This is my personal testimonial. I was injured roughly 6-7 years ago, and needed to undergo several orthoscopic surgeries to repair several massive tears in my right shoulder. The original shoulder damage was caused by a fitness/ sports related injury. With little relief through physical therapy, I was then told that I’d be receiving a referral to a pain management clinic. That’s when it all started with “one pill”. I was told that I would be a long-term pain management patient. The apparent damage to my shoulder caused stage 3 arthritis, capsulitis, severe inflammation, and the list goes on and on.
At the time I was 30 years old. Immediately was placed on Oxycontin & percocet prescriptions. One medication for long-acting pain; and the other for breakthrough. I remember after taking that very first dose of Oxycontin, miraculously all of the pain disappeared. All it took was one pill, and before I knew it; then quickly turned into 6 years of taking pills, daily. Over the years, I realized these pills were running my life. I had lost touch with the people and the very things I once loved. Lost the urge to pursue hobbies that once made me happy. Lost the happiness to be with people that loved me the most, my family. Sort of just painted myself into a corner. I couldn’t go on a business trip without making sure I had my prescriptions; and couldn’t stand the thought of ‘getting sick’ while traveling. Several times, I had gotten extremely tired of the idea of having to live life through the essence of a pill. I knew it was slowly taking my spirit away, and forced me to live in a fog. I tried several times coming off on my own, only to face getting sick, and not feeling right for many weeks, even months at a time. Hence, back to the medications just to feel “normal” again. In the summer of 2015, I began doing my own research, and came across an article describing ibogaine. I quickly learned that ibogaine happens to have a very profound effect on opiate receptors, and also has a positive impact as an addiction interrupter. Another bonus was the “spiritual component”, and the chance to interact with your inner subconscious. I began looking at providers, and came across Liberty Root. At which point, I then reached out and spoke with Trevor. After numerous correspondences with Trevor, I quickly decided this is what I wanted to do. I spent roughly a week and a half with Trevor and his team. They are simply amazing. They become your caretakers, your friends, your family. I developed what I hope will become a life-long relationship with these amazing people. Consummate professionals every step of the way. Gourmet meals, high-quality mineral & herbal supplements, being waited on hand and foot, 24 hours a day. From the time you’re picked up at the airport, to the very moment you’re dropped off – you’re in safe hands. I have the utmost highest level of gratitude, sincerity and respect for Trevor, Gareth, and everyone involved… I’ve had absolutely no desire to go back to anything destructive in my life since treatment. That includes pain pills of any kind. The irony is – after treatment, I’ve had absolute minimal to zero pain in my shoulder. Bizarre how that worked out huh? I’d like to communicate to you – the very idea of investing in yourself is completely worth doing. Your happiness, your family, your relationships, your health, and most importantly – your future.
The iboga plant certainly does it’s part in meeting you half-way, and if you’re willing to do the other half – this is your ticket. Create reflection, and turn a new page. Life is just too short not to. I highly recommend reaching out to Liberty Root.”

Rock, Addiction Therapy
“What can a person truly say about a fresh start in life and to be free of the bondage that holds a person in addiction. Throughout addiction the body and mind scream to be free and for a ‘reset’ button. Ibogaine was and will forever be that ultimate reset button to me. As much as you want change, change wants you. The good people at Liberty Root provide you with this experience in the most professional, educated, and most importantly, safest way possible. Upon reflection, there was nothing lacking, absent, or not provided from start to finish. Ibogaine gets the ball rolling towards healing and much much more. Change and a fresh start are waiting, seek it.”

M.G., Addiction Therapy
“I was entering my nineteenth year of heroin addiction when I was blessed with the connection to Liberty Root therapy. I had tried everything to break free of my crippling addiction; rehab, 12 step programs, methadone, all to no avail. My personal life was in shambles and I was on the verge of simply giving in and committing suicide. Ibogaine changed everything. From the minute I arrived I felt safe and taken care of in every regard. My care providers Garyth and Trevor were consummate professionals. Throughout the whole experience I felt reassured and maintained. It is difficult to articulate the exact nature of the impact ibogaine has had on my life. It is somehow intangible and concrete simultaneously. The interruption of my addiction that ibogaine has offered has freed me to explore the nature and implications of my addiction free from acute and post acute withdrawal symptoms. It is these symptoms that have primarily caused my relapse time and time again. In addition to the meticulous care provided during my stay I have benefited immensly from the aftercare support provided by Liberty Root and am grateful for the ongoing feelings of support and connection. I have real hope for the first time in my recovery, and owe this to Ibogaine, and my care providers Garyth and Trevor. The Ibogaine treatment was a life changing experience in every regard and I thank the universe on a daily basis for allowing me to partake in the ritual.”

Star, Addiction Therapy
“Physically I was reverted to a childlike state where I was emotionally wrecked as well. My appetite was non existent and my thirst was gone. This was dangerous and without the proper care I received from T and G I very well could have died. The importance of working with people who’s intentions are truly to save sick people with plant medicines, and who have been trained by experience medicine providers cannot be overlooked. I am still recovering now some two weeks after my ibogaine ingestion, so if you are looking for an easy solution to your addiction, something that will take all the pain away, Ibogaine and Iboga are not the answer. To me this plant medicine brought me to my knees and as a result I was forced to take a hard look at my choices and how they can effect others around me. And these interpretations of my visions are something I’ve been struggling to understand and utilize in my exploration to become a better human being to this day, and I’m sure for the rest of my life. “

‘Richard’, Addiction Therapy

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