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Your time with might look something like this:We can pick you up from Douala Int Airport (AIA), Bamenda International Airport (BLI), anywhere in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, or you can get dropped off at our facility. Upon arrival we’ll show you to your private bedroom with ensuite bathroom where you may choose to shower and make yourself comfortable. If you’re coming for an opiate detox, we’ll have you meet with our doctor shortly after your arrival to make sure you’re stabilized.
If you are beating an addiction, the next day will most likely be used to give you a test dose of ibogaine. Chances are you’ll feel the effects of the medicine this day and will just want to relax. Throughout this day we’ll monitor your vital signs and watch how you react to your introduction to ibogaine.

As long as the test dose process was normal, we proceed with the ibogaine ‘flood dose’ on your third day with us. For this we bring in one of our registered nurses and you will be supervised and never alone for the next 24 hours at least. After the first 24 hours you may want to get out of bed and move to a common area, but maybe not. After 36 hours or so you may get some sleep.

If you are beating an addiction, you may receive further booster doses of ibogaine in the following days based on how you’re feeling.

Outside of the medicine, your every need is taken care of at IPOC , from food to laundry.

You’ll have lots of hot baths with epsom salts during your stay and one hour or more of professional body work (massage, etc.) is included post session as well.

After your stay with us which may last from 4 to 10 days, we’ll drop you off anywhere in the City Of Douala

To learn what to expect post-treatment, click here.

Please call with questions any time: (+237)-654-566-691

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